11 Powerful Reasons Why Mindset Is Everything

Why Mindset Is Everything; 11 Powerful Reasons

mindset is everything

“Mindset is everything.”

How many times have we heard that?

Lord, I used to hear it a lot when I was playing sports. “You’re not going to hit the goal if you don’t think you can!” or “You’ll never win with that attitude. Mindset is everything!”

And when I was learning to play golf, it was preached to me.

They’d always say golf was ten percent skill and ninety percent between the ears and that mindset is everything.

I didn’t believe any of it. I thought it was all a bunch of BS.

fixed mindset. I'll never get better at golf

But, as I was trying to improve my golf game, I started reading a lot about the mental aspect of the game by authors like Bob Rotella and Mike Drysdale. I started reading every mindset book I could get my hands on. I found out, to my delight at first, that I did have a mindset of my own.

Unfortunately, it was a fixed mindset.

And that was not going to help me improve my game or anything else.

So, knowing how I was with the mindset thing, I know you’ll not believe any better until you know more about mindset. The different kinds of mindsets. Fixed mindset. Growth mindset. Negative mindset and a positive mindset.

Until you know more, you won’t have the belief that you need to have the right mindset.

So, let’s get into it a bit more before I show you the reasons that mindset is everything.

Fixed Mindset And Growth Mindset

growth mindset

As I mentioned earlier, I had a fixed mindset which in a nutshell meant I believed that I had some talents and I didn’t have other talents. I was born that way and there was no changing it.

You either had it or you didn’t and I wasn’t going to be able to develop any further.

For example, “I’ll never be able to hit the golf ball any better so I’m not going to waste time practicing.” That’s a fixed mindset.

And I had quite a few of them. And it’s not a healthy mindset. In fact, it was a form of negative self-talk. A lack of self-confidence. Golfing to me was an innate ability. Period.

However, I came to find out I was wrong. I realized this when I discovered a growth mindset.

Oh, how things turned around. I DID start practicing. I DID start improving. In fact, I went from scoring in the 90s to the high 70s.

And why?

Because I adopted the growth mindset which means I started believing my skills weren’t set in stone. And, if I put my mind and some consistent effort into it, my skills could and would improve over time.

And, then I started applying that same growth mindset toward other things in my life, and when I entered into the affiliate marketing world…whoa…talking about needing to have a growth mindset.

But, I was ready.

Negative Mindset And Positive Mindset

When I began my journey in this online marketing world, the majority of people I met, and still meet, have a strong negative mindset. It’s a wonder they accomplish anything and unfortunately, they don’t.

Believe me, in affiliate marketing you need the most positive mindset you can muster.

But, most procrastinate more than they implement. They find excuses to avoid getting started or finishing what they started, thus, nothing but a mess of unfinished projects.

They have no motivation whatsoever. And of course. If they put off getting things done, then they don’t see progress, then there’s no motivation.

And failures. They can’t accept them. They feel it’s just a disgrace to fail, not realizing that failures are good. It’s how we learn and improve. But, instead, they just feed themselves negative self-talk.

And they eventually fall by the wayside with the other 95%.


But, the other 5%? They’re the ones with a positive mindset. They’re the ones that know that mindset is everything.

They have confidence in their pursuit of success. They know how to accept their failures and learn from them. They’re proactive and have a growth mindset.

So, your mission is to learn how to apply a positive and growth mindset into your life and you’ll begin to understand just how mindset is everything.

11 Reasons Why Mindset Is Everything

1. Stop Sid In His Tracks

For those of you who know me, Sid is my affectionate name for my “self-doubt.” That voice in our head that we listen to more often than not.

That voice is NOT always right.

That voice that sometimes is not even you!

A cognitive bias, imposter syndrome, can blow up your self-doubt way beyond proportion because it makes you question your own accomplishments and throw blame at luck or anything besides your own skills.

Ole Sid will eat this up.

But, by building not only the correct growth mindset but also mindfulness and gratitude, your self-doubt will melt away and in its place confidence will grow.

2. You’ll Believe In Yourself

believe in yourself

Once you’ve got the right mindset, you’ll start to believe in yourself. You’ll have the belief that success is attainable. You’ll focus on what needs to be accomplished and have a truly successful mindset.

3. You’ll Turn Failure Into A Lesson

The one thing that will help you achieve success is not letting failures bring you down. With the correct mindset, you learn from your failures and look at them differently. Rather than say “I knew I couldn’t do that!” you’ll ask, “What can I learn from that?” or “What do I need to learn in order to be able to do that?”

4. You’ll Jump On Opportunities For Personal Growth

Personal growth is a big part of success and is what helps you sustain success. Getting the right mindset helps you recognize opportunities that you would otherwise have missed. Opportunities that will help you grow personally and build more confidence in achieving your goals.

5. Function With Less Stress

less stress. worry less

With a healthy mindset, you’ll be able to handle stressful situations when they arise. The positive attitude that comes along with the growth mindset believes all will work out in the end and for the best. You’ll be able to make decisions without emotion and simply walk away once decided.

6. Progress Will Be Your Focus Rather Than Perfection

A growth mindset helps you realize that perfection is never achieved. That focus on perfection can actually hurt your progress. You’ll know that getting the minimal viable accomplishment out there and then improving on it as you progress, will be the better route.

7. You’ll Step More Outside Your Comfort Zone

Personal and professional life is always improved upon if we step outside our comfort zone. With the right mindset, you’ll realize this is how you grow, and how you improve.

8. You’ll Turn Your Fears Into Challenges

With a growth mindset, you’ll laugh in the face of fear and welcome the challenges,


Because you’ll know that’s how you grow. Every challenge will make you stronger.

With a fixed mindset, fear will stop you, but, with a growth mindset, you’ll take it as a challenge and an opportunity to learn.

9. You’ll Start To Focus On What You Can Control

focus on what you can control

My mom was the worst at this. Still is.

It’s a total waste of energy and a source of stress and tension to worry about things you have no control over. It will drag you down, kill productivity, and

With the correct mindset, you’ll realize you need to focus on the things you can control, you can change, rather than the things you can’t control.

By focusing on your circle of control rather than your circle of concern, you’ll be more productive, get a lot more done, and have satisfaction in your work.

10. You’ll Be More Open Minded And Open To Constructive Criticism

The first step in creating the right mindset is to stop being closed-minded. Once you are more open-minded you’ll also be open to constructive criticism which are examples and specific steps to help you achieve a positive change. You’ll be able to take it and run with it and use it to make improvements where needed.

11. You’ll Find More Joy And Happiness In Your Day To Day Life

A positive mindset can do nothing but give you more joy and happiness. When you are able to see the good in everything, happiness is a byproduct. And by being able to mentally make a bad situation give you a winning lesson, you’ll find less depression in your life.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

change your mindset, change your life

So, are you wanting a more successful life? Are you wanting more happiness?

Then change your fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Change your negative self-talk to a positive mindset.

There is no room for negative thoughts in a successful mindset.

Adopt the growth mindset and you’ll find that your personal life, your everyday life, and your professional life will all begin to change.

Rather than having the fixed mindset where you have the belief that it is what it is, you were born with or without certain skills and there’s no changing it, grasp the growth mindset where you know in your heart of hearts that you can accomplish anything you need through a learning process and winning mindset.

How Do I Develop A Growth Mindset?

If you are stuck in a fixed mindset, it may seem impossible to you to create a growth mindset. And of course, it would. That’s what a fixed mindset believes. You can’t change.

But, taking it slowly, a step at a time, you can create a strong mindset that will benefit you ten times over.

Here are a few steps you can take that will help you develop a growth mindset.

  1. Face your challenges
  2. Stop seeking approval from others.
  3. Flip criticism around until you find its benefits.
  4. Learn from others’ mistakes.
  5. Stop worrying about speed. It’s not important.
  6. Forget about perfection and focus on progression.
  7. Take responsibility for your words and actions.

In Conclusion

Your first order of business is to change your fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

And by doing this, you’ll be able to stand up to challenges, learn lessons from your failures and realize that putting forth effort is the path to success.

You’ll have a more robust personal and professional life and be able to handle life’s challenges easier than ever before.

You’ll know that positive thoughts, positive words, and positive thinking will build self-esteem and solidify a winning mindset.

You’ll know…

Mindset is everything.

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