5 Best Small Standing Desks For 2023

5 Best Small Standing Desks For 2023

best small standing desk

As an affiliate marketer for the last eight years, one thing I have learned is to be as comfortable as possible while working.  And with that realization, I started looking at the small standing desk.

The reason I was interested in the standing desk, is because of a history of back issues which sitting at the desk for hours didn’t agree with.  

I figured, with an adjustable standing desk, I could alternate sitting and standing.  Thus started my search for the best standing desk for me.

Compact Standing Desk For Small Spaces

My office is small.  Our entire house is less than 900 square feet, so, I knew I would need a desk for small spaces.  An electric standing desk would be nice if I could afford one, and I wanted to look at adjustable standing desks, also.

I was totally surprised by how many standing desk options there were.  So, I have narrowed it down to what I feel are five of the best standing desks available from inexpensive to expensive, depending on your taste.

What Are The 5 Best Small Standing Desks For 2023

1. Siducal Mobile Standup Desk

  • This simple desk design is adjustable with wheels.  
  • The desk has an adjustable height from 27.5” to 45.3”, making it good for sitting or standing.  
  • It encourages better posture, thus less back and neck pains and a healthier working position for you.
  • Heavy-duty thick metal structure and environmental MDF board with high weight capacity.

Price: $79.54

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2. Jaxson Standing Desk

  • Revolutionary brushless motor lifting columns for exceptional price/performance and reliability
  • Soft-contoured edges, warm base color finishes, and a broad array of exciting desktop color selections to match any home or commercial office decor
  • Advanced 3D-laminated desktops combine elegance and contemporary style with superior durability and hygiene safety
  • Tech-forward features like Bluetooth & NFC, infrared presence sensing, health coach smartphone app, and high-sensitivity collision detection
  • 15-Year Made-in-USA Warranty and 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Price $760.00

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3. Lander Lite Compact Desk

Made in the USA, this compact version of the Lander Lite fits nicely in smaller spaces but retains all the technology and features that the Lander line is known for.

  • Assembles in minutes.
  • Sleek hand controller syncs to your smartphone for touchless controls.

Price $900.00

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4. StandDesk

A solid white oak sit-standing desk.  The desk features two grommet holes for easy cord access.

This small sit-stand desk will fit into rooms where you share living space and office space.

It has a digital memory controller and will adjust from 22.” to 47.6” and a 220-pound weight capacity.

Custom choose your width from 45” to 72”.

It’s BIFMA certified and has a lifetime warranty.

The frame weight is 65 pounds and can be assembled in 15 minutes.

Regular Price $1179.00   Special Offer $449.00!   

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5. The Captain’s Standing Desk

The Captain’s Standing Desk was designed and made in the US by artisan furniture makers.

Heirloom-quality, artisan hand-crafted desktops made of top-grade, Scandinavian-style birch.

It has a height-control paddle that enables double-tap changes along with a Bluetooth-enabled controller that works with a free app.

The motors are quiet and will lift 225 pounds.

It comes 90% pre-assembled and no tools are required to finish the assembly.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 15-year warranty on all motors and electronics, and a 5-year warranty on the solid wood desktop.

Price: $2450.00

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Best Standing Desks Wrap-Up

Hopefully, you can find a small standing desk in this assortment of standing desks ranging from inexpensive to elegant.  Many standing desks don’t cover all of the needs of the user, so be sure and check out all the features of each one, including the measurements of each compact standing desk and make sure it’s the right fit for your small space.

Over time, I’ll be adding more compact standing desks and new electric standing desk companies as I come across them, so check back often.

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