What Is AI Content Writing? 5 Best Content Generators

What Is AI Content Writing? 5 Best Content Generators

what is ai content writing?

AI Content Writing; How Good Is It?

This is a question I’m starting to get asked quite regularly about AI writers.

First, AI stands for artificial intelligence. Which means it’s only as good as its creators.

At least that was the case in the beginning.

AI writing and AI content can be good. Maybe even better than good. But, there’s a lot to take into consideration, and mostly boils down to the AI writing tools, themselves.

And to be honest, I had my doubts at the beginning about whether AI writing tools would ever make a mark in the blogging world. I mean really? Robots writing articles? What kind of quality content could come from it? Is there any human touch? And if human writers have to feed it data, what’s the point?

But, the advancement of technology and software could have a huge voice in how this could develop in the near future. And with the growth of content creation at 15% a year, and the content creation and marketing industry soon to be worth 417 billion dollars, I don’t see AI writers falling by the wayside anytime soon.

It’s best to look into the above questions by starting out by asking what is an AI content writer.

What Is An AI Content Writer?

Wikipedia says; Through artificial intelligence (AI) software, stories are produced automatically by computers rather than human reporters. These programs interpret, organize, and present data in human-readable ways.

This, in essence, is an AI content writer. It’s simply software that writes articles, blog posts, emails, etc, for you. However, at this stage of the game, it still needs human writers to help it out a bit.

But, at some point, this may not be needed. AI is constantly learning and improving itself.

Take Googles RankBrain, for instance. It’s starting to understand and learn the human language and to be able to improve upon itself from actually learning. And AI content writers are starting to do the same. And, by doing this, it’s able to generate a more realistic and human feeling content.  

How Does The AI Writer Work?

There is actually, not one technology, but two at work with the AI writing tools.

One is called deep learning, which tries to work like the human brain. Computers use this machine learning technique that teaches them to do what humans do naturally which is to learn by example.

Deep Learning

You see this technology in driverless cars. It enables them to distinguish a person from a post or to recognize a stop sign.

So, in AI writing software, in deep learning, the computer model learns to perform tasks directly from images, and text or sound. It basically uses algorithms to understand the meaning of the words. We need to feed it certain keywords, and other data like what voice to write in, etc, for it to come up with the content you need.

After finding the meaning of the words, the second technology kicks in; natural language processing, (NLP).

Natural Language Processing

This is where all the data is transformed into text. It has learned and understands the meaning of words, and can now structure sentences for your content, using the data you have given it such as what voice to write in, the length and format of the content, etc.

Believe it or not, this AI-generated content is taking off at full speed. There are already over 100 AI writing tools out there, not to mention AI video tools, AI social media tools, AI marketing tools, etc.

What Can AI-Generated Content Be Used For?

There are so many areas of content writing, that AI writers will never be idle. Below is just a small list of ideas that the AI writer can be used.

Blog Posts/Articles

One of the biggest drawbacks of writing blog posts and articles is the time involved. Using artificial intelligence writers, you can quadruple your output in the same amount of time as one blog. Your content writing becomes easier with an AI writer as your assistant.


You can generate copy instantly for Facebook ads, business bios, product descriptions, landing pages, YouTube descriptions, taglines, etc.


Use ai content in your emails. A company that specializes in this is Flowrite. They can help you write emails and messages 5x faster across Google Chrome.

Social Media Posts

There are AI tools out there specifically for post-generated content. One specifically is by AnyWord.

They’re good to use for Tweets, Instagram posts, blog titles, Youtube titles, etc.

There are many more uses for AI writers besides these and the list continues to grow.

Are All AI Writing Tools The Same?

As in any product out there on the market, you have the good, the bad, and the ugly. All AI writers are not equal.

One content writer may be ideal for short-form content while the next may be better for long-form. From what I’ve seen, there are not many AI writers good with long-form writing just yet. There are those that are suited best for ad creation or social media posts, while some generate content best for emails.

Out of the five or six I have played around with, they all tend to generate good intros, but, the farther you went, the less impressive they were.

Some had better quality than others, (usually reflected in the price). Some were easy to generate the content and some were faster at generating content than others.

The main thing I’ve found is that you want to always insert lots of data yourself and not let them generate it all on their own.

Overall, the concept is the same. Just the speed and ease of text generation varied the most.

I read quite a few reviews but, honestly, just trying them each out is the best way to decide which one is for you, if any.

AI content is getting more popular and with it more and more AI software is appearing constantly.

With the value of AI in marketing poised to grow from $6.94 billion to $47.8 billion by 2030, there will be a huge race for who can create the best ai.

And you’ll have a crazy amount of software spanning from freebies that put out clunky content to premium-priced software that will claim you can write an award-winning book with their writer software.

Pros and cons of ai writers

What Are The Pros Of AI Writing Tools?

Writer’s Block

Many content writers struggle with coming up with new ideas and spend a lot of time researching to find them. And once they finally gather the ideas, they have trouble getting the words on the page. This is where using an AI writing tool can help the writer by generating content ideas.

Keyword Research

If you’re writing for a niche market, a lot of time is used researching niche keywords for your content. AI tools can help in this area by generating keywords in a fraction of the time. This gives the writer more time to produce quality content and less time to search for keywords. A good example of AI software that is excellent for this is SurferSEO.

Time Efficiency

AI writers aren’t at the level of human content writers for the overall feel and giving that human touch, but, they can create content of high quality and at an incredibly faster rate than human writers.

This frees the writer to write more articles in less time. By using ai, the writer can produce content two to three times faster.

Improved SEO Rankings

The main goal of the content writer, especially in the niche market, is SEO. AI software can help in this area. An AI writer like Jasper paired with a top on-page SEO tool like SurferSEO can be an incredible writing team. Production time is cut in half.

What Are The Cons Of AI Writing Tools?

Flagged As Spam

Sometimes, in a longer article, AI content is almost nonsensical. But, not always, not on all platforms and it depends on a lot of factors.

And for this reason, Google sees it as spam. The only way Google doesn’t see it as spam is if it’s heavily edited. In fact, even the best ai writer that isn’t edited, is called down as spam.

The best way to get past being flagged as spam would be to fact-check the content creation thoroughly, heavily revise, and edit before publishing.

Kind of defeating the purpose of using an artificial intelligence writer isn’t it?

Lots Of Errors

One test, in particular, I read about, was where the AI writer was asked to write an article on the top five highest-paid YouTubers. The article looked okay, but right off the bat, it didn’t pick the top five.

Its highest paid Youtuber was at $7.5 million and it totally missed the highest paid at $17.5 million. That’s a $10 million miss! How happy would you be publishing an article with that kind of misinformation?

And why would AI content be that far off?

This leads to the next con of the artificial intelligence writer.

It Learns From The Web

Not only do the AI writing tools learn from you and what you have fed it, but also from information out on the web. And we all know there’s a LOT of bad information out there. Unfortunately, it learns the bad along with the good.

The content out there is laden with human error such as bad grammar, bias, misinformation, etc. And the AI writing tool takes it all in with its deep learning. It’s accurate as far as what it’s found, but, unfortunately, some of what it’s found isn’t accurate.

Lack of Creativity

When it comes to the human content writer, they can add color, flair, empathy, perspective, and excitement to their articles. The AI content, to me, is very repetitive, stale, and well…robot-like.

When it comes to long-form writing, the human touch is hard to outperform.

What Are Some Of The Best AI Content Generators?

Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

Jasper AI Writer









Will The AI Content Writer Eliminate The Human Writer?

Will The AI Content Writer Eliminate The Human Writer?

I don’t see it happening anytime in the near future. Like I said before when it comes to emotion, storytelling, and color involved in writing, the human content writer will be hard to top.

Content creation is more than just words. It’s feelings and personality.

It will take some time before the AI writers will be able to incorporate the human personality needed to write an article that can pull you in.

On the other hand, using AI content for social media posts, copywriting, and certain short-form articles can go a long way in saving time and energy.

As far as my blogs and articles, trust is too important to me to rely on AI content. People expect accuracy in what they read and you’ll be remembered for something that you write that is misinformation more than for a good article.

It could kill your brand quickly.

My serious content is way too important for me to trust an AI writing tool 100%.

At least just yet…

I think most humans feel the same.


What is AI content writing?

Stories, articles, blogs, etc are produced automatically by computers rather than human writers through artificial intelligence software.

Data is entered and the programs interpret and present the data in a human-readable way.

What is a highly recommended AI content writer?

One of the top recommended AI content writers is Jasper.ai.

What can AI-generated content be used for?

The AI writer can be used for blogs/articles, ad copywriting, social media posts, emails, headlines, etc.

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